KJEMI nr. 5 - 2023

6 K J E M I 5 2 0 2 3 Folmulatrix Europe – STAND 30 MANTIS Precise Liquid Handler While traditional handheld pipettes or larger automated liquid dispensers greatly deteriorate in accuracy and precision below 2 µL volumes, the MANTIS® automated liquid dispenser from FORMULATRIX® excels at low-volume dispensing in a wide variety of scientific workflows. The MANTIS is an easy and affordable solution to quickly increase the reproducibility and quality of your research as well as throughput and efficiency of your laboratory. The diaphragm-based chip design is liquid-class compatible, easily dispensing aqueous and organic solutions. Additionally, the MANTIS will dispense in any SBS template from 6- to 1536-well plates and can be easily programmed to dispense into custom plates as needed. Learn how the MANTIS can streamline your reagent dispensing at: https://www.formulatrix.com/liquid-handling-systems/mantis-liquid-handler/ F.A.S.T. Positive Displacement Sample Transfer The F.A.S.T. (Flow Axial Seal Tip) from FORMULATRIX® is a reliable and easy-to-use liquid transfer system designed to move any viscosity of liquid quickly with its one-of-a-kind positive displacement, 96-channel head. With its high accuracy, precision, and reliability for low-volume sample transfers, the F.A.S.T. system saves researchers time and reduces reagent costs. With true positive displacement dispensing technology, there is no need to account for liquid classes making it easier than ever to set up your experiments. The disposable tips ensure the integrity of your samples while preventing any cross-contamination. Learn how the F.A.S.T. can simplify your liquid transfer workflows at: https://www.formulatrix.com/liquid-handling-systems/fast-liquid-handler/