KJEMI nr. 5 - 2023

1 2 K J E M I 5 2 0 2 3 SSI Diagnostica – STAND 72 dRAST™ – Simplifying susceptibility testing dRAST™ is a rapid AST platform that identifies optimal antimicrobial after a positive blood culture, while other conventional systems take 2-3 days. Our partner QuantaMatrix has re-invented classic AST and shortened time to treatment with automated testing. dRASTTM utilizes modern microfluidic technology to automate conventional reference methods (broth microdilution and diffusion). If you would like to know more about dRASTTM and automation of AST for positive blood cultures in clinical routine, please join our Nordic Customer Manager, Rebecka Lindbom, at LabDays Oslo, booth 72 or contact her at rel@ssidiagnostica.com. On our website you will find more information about dRASTTM (e.g. publications, panels, and FAQs). Rapid testing for Legionella pneumophila & Legionella Longbeachae Did you know, that with one simple test you can rapidly detect the «traditional» Legionella pneumophila, but at the same time detect the Legionella longbeachae specie? Legionella longbeachae is primarily found in gardening soil, and SSI Diagnostica is the only company that offers a rapid test able to detect this type of Legionella. Why? To offer you a broader detection when testing for Legionella. The ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Urinary Antigen Test can either be visually detected, or you can use the ImmuView reader for objective results. If you are interested to learn more stop by booth 72 at LabDays Oslo, or contact our Nordic Customer Manager Rebecca Lindbom at rel@ssidiagnostica.com SAMSI – STAND 23 SAMSI er en uavhengig distributør av produkter til det norske laboratoriemarkedet og representerer blant andre følgende produsenter: l Scion Instruments – Chromatography Equipment | Gas Liquid Chromatography (www.scioninstruments.com) l Bruker Biospin – lavfelts NMR og EPR – der det første ESR-spektrometeret nå er solgt. l F DGSi – gass-generatorer F-DGSi | Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air Gas Generator Manufacturer l Absolute Standards – amerikanske kvalitetsstandarder l Bruker Optics – FTIR og NIR l EST Analytical – EST Analytical Products l TSHR – TSHR autosamplere, purge and trap, elementanalysatorer l NCS Products Germany – element analysatorer for metallindustrien (uorgansike (www.ncs-germany.com) Møt SAMSI på stand 23 for en hyggelig laboratorieprat! www.samsi.no