KJEMI nr. 5 - 2023

1 1 K J E M I 5 2 0 2 3 RWD Life Science Co – STAND 14 Contributing Wits and Powers to Enhance the Quality of Life Established in 2002, RWD Life Science delivers cutting-edge scientific equipment globally. RWD instruments, designed for Cellular & Molecular and Histopathological Research, enable Single Cell Preparation, Cell Culture, Routine Molecular Experiments, and Histopathological Section. With 21 years of experience, RWD've served 20K+ clients from 100+ countries, publishing 14,500+ papers. Notable customers include researchers from renowned institutes from over 1000 labs all over Europe. RWD products have been trusted by experts for their precision and reliability in advancing cellular research. Discover how RWD Life Science empowers scientific exploration: Meet RWD at Booth No.14 at LabDays Oslo conference.