KJEMI nr. 5 - 2023

1 0 K J E M I 5 2 0 2 3 Retsch Norge – STAND 67 Your key to better results! The TSO rotary reactor tube furnace has been specially designed for the processing or testing of powdered or granular materials at high temperatures. A quartz vessel is fitted within the furnace into which materials are placed. A variable speed drive system rotates the vessel within the heated zone by 315° to create an oscillatory motion. Optional accessory packages offer standard or fluted vessels, and the ability to operate under either air or a modified gas atmosphere. This ensures a uniform heat treatment where each particle is exposed to the same temperature and atmosphere over time. The maximum operating temperature is 1100 °C. A perfect product for laboratories, institutes, and small production lines. rør, slanger og koblinger referansematerialer uorganisk kjemi organisk kjemi teknolab.no