KJEMI nr. 1 - 2023

2022 Bestsellers in Chemistry Chromatographic and Related Separation Techniques in Food Integrity and Authenticity (In 2 Volumes) VolumeA:Advances in ChromatographicTechniques Volume B: Relevant Applications edited by Oscar Núñez & Guillem Campmajó (University of Barcelona, Spain) Food manufacturers, researchers and society in general are increasingly highly interested in the quality and origin of food products. Considering the complexity of the food chain in a globalized world — where many players are involved between production and consumption — fraudulent food manipulation and adulteration practices are increasingly easier to conduct without being detected. Generally, food adulteration is carried out to increase volume, to mask the presence of inferior quality components, and to replace authentic substances for the seller’s economic gain. Analytical methodologies to guarantee food integrity and authenticity are therefore required. Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of food safety, control and authenticity, food control agencies. May also be appropriate for analytical chemistry courses. 532pp Sep 2021 978-1-78634-991-0(Set) US$348 £305 978-1-78634-992-7(Set)(ebook) US$557 £490 The Concise Handbook of Analytical Spectroscopy: Theory, Applications, and Reference Materials (In 5 Volumes) Volume 1: Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Volume 2: Visible Spectroscopy Volume 3: Near Infrared Spectroscopy Volume 4: Infrared Spectroscopy Volume 5: Raman Spectroscopy by Jerry Workman (Unity Scientific, USA & National University, USA) “This handbook will not only become a standard work on the shelves of university on the shelves of university and industrial libraries but it will also become a routine reference source of knowledge on the desks of scientists involved in analytical spectroscopy.” Emeritus Professor Heinz W Siesler University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany This 5 volumes, each covering the theory, instrumentation, sampling methods, experimental design, and data analysis techniques, as well as essential reference tables, figures, and spectra for each spectroscopic region. The detailed practical aspects of applying spectroscopic tools for many of the most exciting and current applications are covered. Readership: Graduate and undergraduate students, and academic, commercial, and government research libraries involved in medicine, biology, physics, optics, biophysics, commercial manufacturing, quality control, and industrial research. 1828pp Aug 2016 978-981-4508-05-6(Set) US$1680 £1394 978-981-4508-06-3(Set)(ebook) US$2688 £2230 Bestselling Major Reference Works (MRW) Handbook of Boron Science With Applications in Organometallics, Catalysis, Materials and Medicine (In 4 Volumes) Volume 1: Boron in Organometallic Chemistry Volume 2: Boron in Catalysis Volume 3: Boron in Materials Chemistry Volume 4: Boron in Medicine edited by Narayan S Hosmane (Northern Illinois University, USA) & Robert Eagling Boron science features in numerous fields including organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry and medicine. Boron is unique in all aspects of science and engineering and has made a significant impact in our daily lives through its use in fertilizers, germicides, fungicides, soaps, detergents, cancer drugs as well as many household glassware utensils, ceramics and cell phone windows. These volumes bring together an array of internationally renowned scientists to discuss the very latest developments in the application of boron in a broad range of disciplines. This MRW describes the topic on current developments in boron science, showcasing its importance to the four separate areas described in each volume. Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students of chemistry, and researchers and practitioners interested in their professional development. 1056pp Oct 2018 978-1-78634-441-0(Set) US$1188 £1045 978-1-78634-442-7(Set)(ebook) US$1901 £1670 • NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA World Scientific Publishing Co. Inc. 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Materials and Energy - Vol 12 World Scientific Handbook of Organic Optoelectronic Devices (Volumes 1 & 2) Volume 1: Perovskite Electronics Volume 2: Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) Editor-in-chief: Franky So (North Carolina State University, USA) Organic (opto)electronic materials have received considerable attention due to their applications in perovskite and flexible electronics, OPVs and OLEDs and many others. Reflecting the rapid growth in research and development of organic (opto)electronic materials over the last few decades, this book provides a comprehensive coverage of the state of the art in an accessible format. It presents the most widely recognized fundamentals, principles, and mechanisms along with representative examples, key experimental data, and over 200 illustrative figures. Readership: Advanced graduate students and researchers in the field of electrical and electronic engineering specifically in polymers, semiconductors and related areas. 908pp Aug 2018 978-981-3232-61-7(Set) US$545 £480 978-981-3239-84-5(Set)(ebook) US$872 £770