KJEMI nr. 1 - 2023

2022 Bestsellers in Chemistry Schrödinger in Oxford by David C Clary (University of Oxford, UK) “This is a biography of a towering figure in the most marvellous century of science, just past. The delight of this book is to share with its reader the miracle of Schrö dinger’s equation in which it was revealed how solid matter partakes of the properties of waves...” John Polanyi FRS Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1986 “Clary’s account makes for fascinating reading, not least because of its clear style and copious citation of primary sources and original scientific articles. The author provides a compelling narrative of ... Schrö dinger’s departure in 1933 from a highly eminent position at the University of Berlin to a precarious, untenured position at Magdalen College ... with political and scientific considerations deftly woven together.” Science 420pp Mar 2022 978-981-125-100-9(pbk) US$38 £35 978-981-125-000-2 US$98 £85 978-981-124-996-9(ebook) US$157 £135 Spinach on the Ceiling The Multifaceted Life of a Theoretical Chemist by Martin Karplus (Harvard University, USA & Université de Strasbourg, France) “Karplus’s tales of a turbulent graduate school experience at Caltech will inspire readers to muster fortitude when everything seems to be spinning out of control. Karplus balances rigorous scientific discussions with refreshing chapters expounding his passion for photography and gastronomy.” Nature Chemistry, May 2020 312pp Jul 2020 978-1-78634-806-7(pbk) US$38 £25 978-1-78634-802-9 US$88 £75 978-1-78634-803-6(ebook) US$141 £120 Ethics of Chemistry From Poison Gas to Climate Engineering edited by Joachim Schummer & Tom Børsen (Aalborg University, Denmark) “The book provides in a very well prepared manner many historical and recent cases that splendidly serve in undergraduate teaching, in classes of either ethics, history of chemistry, or chemistry proper ... it is unconditionally recommended for both teaching and for the profession.” Dieter Wöhrle Chemie in unserer Zeit “The editors have endeavored to make the book unbiased and readable for a broad audience, as stated in their introduction: ‘Meeting a Teaching Need’. This is a valuable book for a science ethics or chemistry library collection. CHOICE Readership: Undergraduate students, graduate students in chemistry and chemistry lecturers. 568pp Mar 2021 978-981-124-948-8(pbk) US$68 £60 978-981-123-353-1 US$198 £175 978-981-123-354-8(ebook) US$317 £280 Title by Nobel Laureate The Periodic Table Past, Present, and Future by Geoff Rayner-Canham (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) “Many quest ions are deal t wi th in a clearly written way in this stimulating and innovative book. The reader will quickly become interested in the subject and will be taken on tour through this Periodic Table in a very readable way, both for students and teachers ... The number of illustrations is good, and clear. This book is indeed unique and quite thought-provoking ... This book is highly recommended for students, teachers, researchers and not only chemists! Geologists, biochemist and also physicists will find it very interesting to read.” Chemistry International 312pp Aug 2020 978-981-124-949-5(pbk) US$48 £40 978-981-121-848-4 US$98 £85 978-981-121-849-1(ebook) US$157 £135 Laboratory Scientific Glassblowing A Practical Training Method by Paul Le Pinnet (SOG Ltd, UK) “The book details features of glassblowing that can be taught in a practical training course, specifically aimed at laboratory technicians or chemists who need to produce special ized glassware. The book combines many practical aspects of glassblowing otherwise not available in the literature. The book offers black-and-white photographs and diagrams, which makes for easier application in a practical set-up. Summing up: Recommended.” CHOICE Readership: Glassblowers, practitioners and students of scientific glassbowing, and apprentices going into the field. 456pp May 2017 978-1-78634-242-3(pbk) US$58 £48 978-1-78634-197-6 US$108 £90 978-1-78634-198-3(ebook) US$173 £145 Chemistry Annual Catalogue 2023 is available now! More information: https://www.worldscientific.com/page/chemistry-annual-catalogue