KJEMI nr. 6 - 2021

The planning of Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium (NECS2022) on track Scope As noted in Kjemi 4 2022, a group of Norwegian environmental Chemists have decided to revitalize the 30 year old tradition of environmental Chemistry of Norway.The 1st Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium (NECS 2020) was arranged in September (14.-16.) in Loen with ca. 60 participants.The National organizing committee (NOC) started the planning process in early May for the upcoming NECS 2022 which we decided to arrange in the classical venue for former winter-conferences- Geilo. In NECS 2022 we hope to attract over 100 participants.This NECS conference-series in a renewed modern format is addressing leading experts, authorities, regulators and scientists associated with all aspects of chemistry applied in environmental sciences, monitoring and regulation.The NOC believe we now can deliver a timely and exciting programme of invited lectures on emerging issues as well as contributed oral and poster presentations from the participants.The symposium aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for students and academic and industrial researchers, public managers to present and discuss the most recent advancements, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges and solutions in environmental chemistry. Objectives and topics The aim of the symposium is to bring together Norwegian and international specialists to examine and exchange experiences and encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge: • How Norway solved environmental problems hitherto since the 1960s. • Recent developments and state-of-the-art knowledge of environmental chemistry • Major environmental chemistry challenges today, immediate challenger towards 2030 and what can we expect in the long term towards 2050? 16 keynote speakers help us catch the pulse of Environmental Chemistry 2022. On our Invited speaker page it is possible to view the title of keynote lectures from Norway’s best specialists in Environmental chemistry. We feel sure that you will get new knowledge from these lectures together with all the lectures and posters from the participants Combine leasure and science The Vestlia winter resort is on the doorstep of Geilos largest downhill tracks with views to Hallingskarvet and Norways largest national park. As former wintermeetings we have allocated time for outdoor skiing activities during lunch breaks. You can also allow you relaxing timeouts inside in the spa or just collect tan in the winter sun while catching up with old colleagues, make new friends and widen your horizon in environmental science. Authors: On behalf of the NECS board and NOC, Roland Kallenborn, NMBU (vice chairman), and board members Rolf Vogt, NIVA and Oddvar Røyset, Røyset AS. For more information about NECS 2022 is found on our website: www.envirochem.no 2 4